“One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you have to give up to get it.” -Ed Parker

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Thoughts from Bob – 6/17/20

bob white drawing

Our Patreon library now has over 50 episodes in it. There are segments about curriculum, sparring, teaching, Sanchin and the Kiai, counters, falls and rolls, control, focus pad drills, kicking bio mechanics, foot maneuvers, seminars conducted by some of Kenpo Karate’s finest teachers, group classes, and so much more. It is the great collection of […]

Thoughts from Bob – 6/9/20

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It’s very hard to sit back and not express the fact that Kenpo Karate is NOT just doing self defense techniques against a complying partner. People have established big reputations because they look good when someone is just standing there and not fighting back. Our system is based on logic and to not see through […]

Studio Hero’s


True heroes from our studio. 1) Virgil Bartolomucci-Vietnam veteran, Purple Heart recipient, entrepreneur, father, grandparent, and Kenpo Karate teacher. 2) Barbara White-BSN RN, mother, wife, Certified Cross Fit Teacher, and Kenpo Karate teacher. 3) Dr Rod Smith-Ret. Coast Guard Captain, Doctorate in Economics, Professor at Long Beach State, husband, father, grandparent, and Kenpo Karate teacher. […]