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Children’s Classes

Kid’s Programs

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Bob White’s Karate Studio opened in 1972 and many of our students who started as children are now grown up and are teachers at the studio. It has been an honor to be instructors and mentors to these children and watch them grow into fine adults.

Our children’s classes are taught Monday through Thursday and on Saturday. Private lessons are also available.

We have a theme of the month, which includes virtues to develop, such as, Confidence, Leadership, Responsibility, Respect, Self Control, Friendship, Enthusiasm, Integrity, and Goal Setting. Each week our children receive written handouts which go along with the theme of the month. Your child is encouraged to keep this written material in a notebook and bring the notebook to each class. We have a reward system for bringing the notebook to class and each time a child brings in his/her notebook, they are rewarded with one point. After 20 points, your child can earn a 30-minute private lesson with one of our instructors.

Not only does our program provide an opportunity to benefit from private lessons it also gives your child a comprehensive self-defense system, and character development skills which better provide your him/her with the tools to deal with life’s’ challenges.

Kenpo Tots

We offer the Kenpo Tots program specifically for pre-school aged children 3-5. This is a 30-minute practice with the teacher. Our program offers a strong foundation for essential character qualities such as respect, courtesy, discipline, and self-control. It is designed to improve children’s motor skills and to help them learn to follow directions and to pay attention.

Children at this age are not taught the self-defense concepts inherently built into Kenpo due to their inability to understand the nature of the moves, as well as not having the ability to understand the consequences of their actions. However, at this age, we do reinforce that the first rule of self-defense is to ALWAYS WALK OR RUNAWAY IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY.

In addition to the traditional “stripes” program, Kenpo Tots have their own star patches that can be earned by being better listeners, playing/sharing with siblings or friends, putting toys away, and being respectful. Each time your child comes to class they can earn a gold star if they pay attention, are good listeners and follow their teacher’s instructions. Each sticker is worth 1 point. After 5 points they earn an iron-on star patch.


When the child accumulates at least 5 gold stars at the studio the child will earn a star patch!

  • Green – 5 points
  • Yellow – 10 points
  • Blue – 15 points
  • Red – 20 points
  • Gold – 25 points
  • Superhero Patch – after 25 points have accumulated on the Superhero Board, your child has the opportunity to earn a Superhero Patch!

The parents will also get a “take-home” sheet and some stickers to use as incentives at home any way that you want. You can give a sticker as a reward for obeying you, coming when called, paying attention, playing with others nicely or using their manners.

Children’s Beginner’s Program and Character Development Curriculum

This program is typically for children aged 6-13.



The CHILDREN’S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT CURRICULUM focuses on a different topic each month with lessons each week during that month to complement the theme. The topics that we focus on are designed to teach your children the virtues and character traits that will be important in both their daily and professional lives. Helping to build well rounded, responsible, respectful, and self-confident children is our goal.




Through the teaching of various virtues and life skills, the karate instructor will have an opportunity to connect with children on a different level. The CHILDREN’S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT CURRICULUM incorporates homework, that we hope will encourage parents to use as an open door for discussions about morals, virtues and how to develop good character.

How it Works

When your child joins our Children’s Beginner’s program they will be given a card with all the Children’s Belts Requirements, a notebook and a Chain for their Brag Tags. Your child’s notebook will contain written material on the monthly themes along with the homework for that week. The child should bring the notebook to each class.

At the beginning of each week, the instructor will discuss the theme for the week and briefly review the homework for that week. The students are encouraged to do the homework and bring their completed homework to the front desk to be stamped and recorded. Once the weekly homework assignments for the Topic of the month is completed, your child will receive a “Brag Tag” for that topic. As the tags are accumulated they will hang on the chain in the studio.


Your child can earn a Kenpo Star patch for completing various assignments. Each assignment has reward points. Once a child has earned 100 points, they can receive a 30-minute private lesson with an instructor.

We have a theme of the month, which includes virtues to develop, such as Confidence, Leadership, Responsibility, Respect, Self-Control, Friendship, Enthusiasm, Integrity, and Goal Setting. Different colored stars are rewarded for outstanding performance in karate class, school, at home or at a tournament competition.

  • Red Star – Memorizing Kenpo Creed 
  • Blue Star – Learning 3 new techniques and demonstrating to instructor/class
  • Yellow Star – Completing 12 weekly homework assignments
  • Silver Star – Reading 20 books over a 6 month period and signed by a parent
  • Gold Star – Straight A’s, honor roll or significant improvement in school.

Our Children’s Program gives your child a comprehensive self-defense system, and character development skills which better provide him/her with the tools to deal with life’s’ challenges.

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