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Barbara White

Black Belt - 6th Degree

Barbara White began her martial arts career in 1991, holds a 6th degree black belt in Kenpo karate, and is an active practitioner and teacher, having led many students to a black belt level. Barbara and her husband, Bob, own and operate a school in Costa Mesa., Bob White’s Karate Studio. Together they have traveled to Europe, South America and throughout the United States, teaching seminars and sharing knowledge and experience with friends.

Barbara has competed on every level and has first place victories in all levels including 1 st place at the IKC as a Light Weight Black Belt and also was on the first
place Women’s Black Belt Team at the 2012 IKC in LB.

Barbara and her husband Bob have actively promoted a weekend event for Royal Family Kids. This world-wide organization provides a week long camp for abused and neglected children. Barbara has been a camp nurse since 2006.. Barbara also runs a karate program at this same camp and many children have had the opportunity to experience karate and board breaking for the first time in their lives.

Another passion of Barbara’s is furthering the cause of women through recognition, empowerment, and self-defense. She has created Women’s Self-Defense classes that that include mental and physical applications to self-defense. These classes empower women that they can hit hard and also create a level of enthusiasm, excitement, and unity. Barbara and her team provide these classes twice a year and are a free service to the community.

In 2014 at the 50th anniversary of the International Karate Championships, Barbara formed a Women’s Symposium that consisted of a panel of women who have made differences in their community and in Kenpo. This was a first-of-its-kind recognition for women in Kenpo. The symposium was well received and gave a voice to women in martial arts.

In 2017 Barbara was inducted into the Kenpo Hall of Fame and continues to nominate other women to receive the recognition for their efforts in Kenpo. In 2019, Barbara was recognized as the Kenpo Woman of the Year in Miami Florida.

Barbara and Bob have been recognized by the Honorable John M.W. Moorlach of the California Senate for their longstanding record of achievement and humanitarian efforts to the community. They have also been recognized by the United Martial Arts for Christ for their humanitarian efforts.

Barbara White expresses gratitude to God, family, and friends, for having the opportunity to be involved in Martial Arts.

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