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Chantal DeAngelo

Black Belt - 3rd Degree

Chantal DeAngelo started her kenpo karate training with Bob White when she was 4 yrs old. Miss DeAngelo is currently a 3rd Degree Black Belt and is one of the finest children instructors we have ever seen. She has a tremendous ability to combine discipline and fun in her classes, and has a personal interest in the success of each child she teaches. She is one of four DeAngelo children that have earned their Black Belt at our school and we are very proud to have Chantel as part of BWKS family.

Chantal DeAngelo is a very creative, gifted, and talented artist, and some of her work hangs on the wall at our studio. Her plans are to go on to college and continue with her education in art. We have no doubt that she will find success in this as well.

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