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Gordon Alexander

Black Belt - 4th Degree

“We are teaching children to esteem themselves.” — Gordon Alexander, Talk So Kids Will Listen: Black Belt Thesis, May 2002.

Gordon Alexander has been a student of martial arts for 11 years. He advanced to purple belt under Robert Ito in Novato, California in 1994 through 1996. In 1997 he moved to Southern California to study under Bob White, Jamie Matthew, Rob Fenton and all the great martial artists at BWKS. Mr. Alexander currently holds the rank 4th degree black belt.  Mr. Alexander started teaching children karate in 1996 and maintains a special interest in teaching karate to both adults and children. Everyone in his family does martial arts. He had two sons aged 15 and 18 who are also black and brown belts in kenpo, respectively, and his wife, Jeanne-Marie has a purple belt in kenpo and studies Jeet Kung Do.

Professionally, Mr. Alexander has advanced degrees in engineering and works as a consulting environmental engineer in Costa Mesa, California. His other interests include hiking and recovery spirituality.

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