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Jim McClure

Black Belt - 7th Degree

7th Degree Black Jim McClure began training under Mr. White in 1981 and quickly established himself as one of the top prospects at BWKS.

Prior to getting his 1st Degree Black in 1984, Mr. McClure was already a three-time International Champion winning as a Blue Belt and twice as the leadoff fighter on back to back Brown Belt IKC championship teams. Jim also won the IKC several times as a Black Belt in the light heavyweight division as well as many other regional tournaments.

Promoted to 5th Degree by Mr. White and the American Kenpo Senior Council in the 90s, Professor McClure was the first person to test for higher belt rank in that organization. Jim McClure was promoted to 7th Degree in 2016. Mr. McClure is one of the longest tenured instructors at Bob White’s Karate. He still teaches select private students and the beginner/color belt class on Wednesday nights @ 6 PM.

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