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Vishal Shukla

Black Belt - 6th Degree

Vishal Shukla began his Kenpo studies in 1988 during his senior year in college. After graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering he moved home and continued his training. In 1993, Vishal was awarded his Black belt in the Tracy System of Kenpo by Mr. David Freidberg.

In 1996 Vishal relocated to Illinois for his career. While in IL, he continued his training in White Tiger Kenpo under Mr. Tom Saviano, a direct student of long time Kenpoist John McSweeney. In 1997, his career once again resulted in Vishal relocating to Southern California. Vishal trained under Mr. Bob Leonard for a while before eventually finding his way to Bob White’s Karate Studio in 1998 where he is a personal student of Professor White. Vishal was promoted to 5th degree Black Belt in 2008.

Vishal is the Tournament Director for the Bob White Invitational Tournament which is held annually to benefit the Royal Family Kids Camp.

In addition to his Engineering degree, Vishal holds graduate degrees in both Computer Science and Business and is currently employed by Oracle.. In his spare time he likes to read and collect old comic books, of which he has a collection of over 7,000.

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