“One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you have to give up to get it.” -Ed Parker

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Thoughts from Bob – 6/9/20

It’s very hard to sit back and not express the fact that Kenpo Karate is NOT just doing self defense techniques against a complying partner. People have established big reputations because they look good when someone is just standing there and not fighting back.

Our system is based on logic and to not see through this is a mistake. Mental and physical toughness are parts of being a Kenpo Karate black belt. No one really likes to get hit but you need it to reach higher levels of proficiency and establishing that sometimes you have to put pain on vacation. Getting the wind knocked out of you, bruises, broken bones, getting your bell rung, etc. are not pleasant but a necessary part of a fighters journey. All of these things have happened to me and at this stage of my life I am so grateful that I experienced it.

The experience of dealing with those injuries helped me in my battle with 2 different types of cancer. Being forged by fire and hardened by experience is part of what makes a Kenpo Karate black belt. You will not experience the balance of Kenpo unless you emphasize all 3 aspects of our art equally, Basics, self defense techniques, and sparring.

I would like to say that this is my opinion and you can continue to pretend fight by doing your choreographed fight scenes all you want. I will say that if I were to have to defend myself or my family I wouldn’t call you.